We get tons of new comics on Wednesdays (sometimes a Holiday will delay them), and we offer a free in-store subscription service!

We have all the mainstream titles, but That's Entertainment is also very "independent-friendly." Cruise the racks by genre to find your old favorites, and more than likely you'll run across some exciting new titles you've never seen before!

Diamond Comics provides a list of new issues shipping every week:
Diamond Shipping List




If it's been collected in a Graphic Novel then we probably have it. Our racks are filled with hundreds of Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks.

If we don't have what you're looking for we can special order it for you!

We carry a huge selection of mainline Graphic Novels as well as Independnt books and Manga.




We have over 500 boxes of comic book back issues in our showroom, with titles ranging from the popular to the obscure, recent and vintage.

It's an ocean of comics! Bring your want list and plan to spend the day browsing! Because we do a brisk walk-in business, we don't have a catalog (we'd never be able to keep it current) but we do take inquiries for mail order!



We are always getting in new collections of Bronze, Silver
and even Golden Age Comics.

Come in and check out our great selection of Display comics.

Sign up for our weekly newsletter so you know when new collections have come in!



New Comics come in every Wednesday.
For the latest shipping list visit:
Diamond Comics


That's E offers a FREE instore comic subscription program. All you have to do is let us know which books you want put aside! That way you'll never miss a book!

Subscribers also get 5% Off back issues!
To make changes to your subscription contact Subs@thatse.com



From Nintendo to Playstation 3!
That's E carries tons of systems including:

Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo64
Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast
Playstation 1, PS2, XBOX,
and more!

We also carry handheld games and consoles including Gameboy, GB Advance, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP.

We are also the place to pick up the NEW

The FC TWIN plays both Nintendo and Super Nintendo games in one!

We also carry the occasional rare systems!
Looking for a specific game or system?
We're the place!!



Is your video game system missing something?
Cables? AV Cords? Power Cord? Controller?
We've got them ALL!

We carry new and used accessories for almost every system ever made. This includes parts for handheld systems as well!

We also carry practically every controller.
We have both used and new!


We are always looking for more systems and video games. We buy Games and Systems and offer both cash and store credit.

Condition is a huge factor when we buy Video Games and Systems.

We recommend calling ahead before bringing in your System or Games!

Worcester: (508) 755–4207
Fitchburg: (978) 342-8607



We carry Magic Singles, Booster Packs, Booster Boxes, Theme Decks,
Tournament Packs, Grab Bags and MTG accessories.

Our selection of MTG Singles is HUGE!
We have boxes of commons, playsets of uncommons, 95cent rares and hard to find rares in cases and binders.

Looking for a specific card? Just ask us! We'll be happy to find it for you.

upcoming tournaments

We hold at least two Magic tournments a week!

FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC: We host FNM every Friday at 5pm. Each week is Standard (Type 2) ($5)The last Friday of the month is a Draft. ($11)


We host Legacy each Sunday at 1:00am. Entry is $10.
Modern is the LAST Sunday of the month at 1:00pm.
Entry is $10.

Check back for upcoming tournaments!



Looking to sell some cards?
Bring them down and we'll take a look!

Be sure to call ahead before bringing
any cards down.



Our role-playing selection is filled with all the
latest books from all different companies.
D&D, D20, Gurps, Exalted, White Wolf and more!

Don't forget All Role Playing Games are 15% OFF!
All the time!

Plus if you special order a book we are sold out of
it will be 25% OFF!

We also take pre-orders on upcoming books!


Looking for an out of print book or just a used copy of a newer book?
Check out our large selection of used books!

All Used Role Playing Games are 15% OFF the already
marked down price!!



We have a large selection of the latest and
greatest board games!

Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, Apples to Apples, Arkham Horror, Zombies!!!
and MANY More!

Plus if we don't have a game instock we will be happy to special order it for you!

We also carry boosters and singles of:
Heroclix, D&D Miniatures and Star Wars Minis!



We sell more card games than just sell Magic!
We carry all different types of Card Games and CCGs.

Pokemon, Yu-gi-Oh, Naruto, Pirates,
Lunch Money, Fluxx and More!



We usually receive new toys on a weekly basis. Including some of the best like McFarlane, DC Direct, Marvel Select, Square Enix and more!

Be sure to check out our new Toy Room!
A room completely devoted to New toys,
plushes and models!


Out in our sea of comic back-issues you will
also find hundreds of older toys.
Most which are red tagged which means they are:

Buy 2 get 2 Free!

Star Wars, Wrestling, DC, Marvel, Macfarlane
and tons more!


On your way into the store be sure to check out our Statue Display Case.

With new and old statues from some of the best including Bowen.

Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Vertigo Tin Robots
and more!



We carry Sports Singles, Packs, Full Boxes, Complete Sets, Team Sets, Grab Boxes and more.

We usually get news sets in every week. For updates about new sets and card collections sign up for our weekly newsletter!

Browse our displays and boxes for Sports Card Singles- stars of yesterday, and even some older vintage common cards for set builders.



Autographs, Pictures, Magazines
and more!

It's like visiting a sports museum! We focus on the Boston teams and mix in some of the all-time great players too!



We have a large collection of imported Japanese toys. Some of the toys include:
Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, Pokemon and more.

We also carry toys and plushes for newer
series like:
Deathnote, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bleach and more.



Looking for new or used Anime and Manga?
We've got 'em! Our large collection of Manga and DVDs include classics by Miyazaki and other masters, TV series and obscure titles.

We carry both new and used titles!
Can't find a title? Ask us!
We'll be happy to special order it for you!


Looking for Japanese Candy and Soda?
We've got it all!
Pocky (tons of flavors), Hi-Chew, Pucca, Gummies, Meji Candybars
and More!

We also have Japanese Soda including
Ramune and Yogu-Time!

They're perfect for parties & gifts too!




We carry a huge selection of Comic Supplies!

Comic Bags, Boards, Long-flaps, Comic Boxes
(including Drawer Boxes!) Comic Frames, and more.
All bags come in various sizes including Golden Age, Silver Age, Current, Magazine, Life Magazine and more!

We also carry Mylar and Mylites for the collector who is serious about protecting his or her comics!


We carry a huge selection of Sports Supplies!

Baseball Card Rigids, Binder Pages, Hockey Puck Displays, Ball Cubes, Pennant Holders, Mini Helmet Cases and lots more!

We also carry Boxes for sports cards in various sizes.


Looking to draw your own comic?
We've got everything you'll ever need!

Comic Art paper (various sizes) Pens, Ink,
Sketchbooks, Pencils, Erasers, How-to-Draw Books
and tons more!




That’s Entertainment, one of Worcester’s last independent record stores, carries a great and varied selection of L.P.’s and 45 records. Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Country, Folk, Soundtracks, etc..

We buy and sell good vintage records.  We also carry a huge selection of $ 1 records (and have an ongoing deal where you buy 10, $1 L.P.s and get 10 more $1 L.P.s for FREE !)

As well as our on-floor/table stock of records, we also have a selection of higher priced albums and 45’s in one of our glass cases.  (Many records by the Beatles, Elvis, etc..)

If you have records to sell, give us a call, and we can set up a good time for you to bring your collection in.  At this point we are interested in Rock, Reggae, Doo-Wop, Punk, Metal, and some Country.



We carry LP and 45 Bags,
Sleeves, Boxes, Dividers, Frames
and Cleaner!

We also carry spacers for 45 Records!



We carry tons of new t-shirts,
hoodies and hats.

Shirts include Super Heroes, Nintendo Characters (Mario, Zelda), World of Warcraft and More!

We also carry the famous,
Worcester - Paris of the Eigthies and Turtle Boy shirts!

Be sure to check out our own
That's E Shirts!



We have a huge selection of New and Used DVDs, Blu Rays, Boxsets and VHS!

Used DVDs are always "Buy 2 get 1 Free"
and most VHS are ONLY 95 cents each!


Women of Comics
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Worcester Store: 508-755-4207
E-mail: Webmaster@thatse.com

Fitchburg Store: 978-342-8607
E-mail: Fitch@thatse.com